Melbourne’s CrAzY weather!

It’s freezing!!! The cold weather was biting into my skin on my way to school, despite the layers and layers Image

of clothing I had on in my desperate attempt to protect myself from the cruel winds of Melbourne. Just as I was about to leave my house, I saw this beautiful sight! I nearly dropped dead!!

I heard on the news that it was the coldest year in 25 YEARS!!! Wow!! But I feel a bit sad, I miss the warm, playful, hazy days of summer. I yearn for the sound of dry hot wind rushing past my toes.

But it’s not all sad, for my trip to India is just around the corner!! Have I told you guys about the up coming trip? Well, my school holidays have FINALLY arrived after long anticipation from my friends and family. My mother and sister both decided that the three of us should have a tour of North-India. A place my sister and me have never been to, so this means that were all pumped!! We’ll be touring the whole of New Delhi. I am so excited to see the Taj Mahal! I’ll take a pic so that I can share it with you!!

So anyway I promise to take heaps of pics for you guys. I really want to take a picture of me pretending to hold the Taj Mahal! If you have no idea about what I’m talking about, you’ll see soon!

Follow me peoples!! As I attempt to hold the Taj with my bare hands!!!!


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